Ken Shamrock explains why he hasn’t retired from wrestling at the age of 56

Ken Shamrock has achieved a lot of things in both MMA and Wrestling and he certainly doesn’t need to prove himself in either of the industries anymore.



However, the veteran is still going strong at the age of 56 and during a recent interview with; he explained his reasoning for not retiring yet.

Shamrock explained that his mindset is to challenge himself every day and he claimed that he is going to try and compete at a high level for as long as he can:

“What happens when you start laying back and enjoying life? You get depressed, you start getting old and you start dying. So, for me, my mindset is to challenge myself every day to be better and to do more and so I’m going to do that. I’m going to live every single second of my life that I can and I’m going to compete at a high level for as long as I can and when that doesn’t happen, I will challenge myself to do something else.”

Continuing on the topic, the former WWE star said that he is only looking as far ahead as the next day and he is trying not to think too far in the future:

“I don’t want to see an ending, I deal with now and I’ll deal with tomorrow. That is as far ahead as I will look. I don’t think about my age. I don’t think about, ‘What if this happens? What if that happens?’ I think about what I’m doing now and what I’m going to do tomorrow.”

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