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Kenny Omega ”completely open” to working with WWE

Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega might be the one to negotiate with other companies, and that includes NJPW and perhaps change their mind about working with AEW. As he is the AEW Co-Executive Vice President, he can say things on behalf of the company.

Kenny talked about his goals on Wrestling Observer Radio, where talked about being open to working with other promotions, which includes WWE. The biggest obstacle might be the fact that WWE has no intention of working with AEW.

Omega said they have an open door to absolutely everyone and said he was completely open to even working with WWE. He said there was no enemy or war, just a celebration of professional wrestling, and he wants wrestlers to put aside company rivalries and just show off their art.

Kenny also thinks they will have several dream matches, or at least matches we never thought we would see in wrestling. He is extremely excited about what this cooperation could mean for the landscape of pro wrestling.

Even though AEW might want to be in a working relationship with WWE, WWE might not feel the same and accept their offer. If a match does not take place in WWE or somewhere like EVOLVE, then it is most likely not happening.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I’m not to sure about that one. I think that Triple H, might bring it up and maybe push for it alittle. Not really to share, but to have a good relationship. Especially with Cody and Jericho. But I would never imagine Vince being ok with it, even with his relationship with Jericho.

  • CC

    If AEW have a decent TV deal in the USA like the rumours say, then there is no way in hell that WWE will ever work with them.