Khamzat Chimaev Feared Dying Before UFC 279

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UFC fighter Guram Kutateladze discussed Khamzat Chimaev risking death with his UFC 279 weight cut in a new Instagram post.



Guram wrote about his teammate, “Shortly about the weight cut. Everybody speaks how irresponsible, disrespectful and unprofessional Khamzat is. You can’t give an answer to all this people. But I will say what it really is, without going into the details. Khamzat is a warrior. He does not want to die in bed , but in the cage.

Doctors and UFC stop his weight cut and told him to start recovering till some point, because of his physical conditions. He wants to fight every and each one, he offered his whole purse and even some extra, but they reject it. Happily , we have a new opponent now and can continue what we love to do – Fight. Thanks to Mr. Dana , Mr. Hunter , Mr. Shelby and Mr. Maynard and whole UFC team for making this happen.

A fan commented on Reddit, “The doctor forced him to stop weight cutting, so I’m not sure what he could have done other than been leaner? He looks to be very low body fat percentage as it is.”

Another added, “Yeah either he fucked up by cutting weight badly or too late, or he had an injury that prevented him from doing what he normally does to cut weight. He didn’t miss weight from things he did or didnt do the last few days, it was an accumulation of mistakes starting probably weeks ago.”