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King Corbin calls Dave Meltzer ”cancer”

  • Dirt McGirt

    Corbin only feels that way because Meltzer probably points out that Corbin’s work rate is unacceptable in 2020. That said, Meltzer is a huge mark when it comes to New Japan. Okada vs Omega was not the best match of all time. Any match that includes the same move 100 times is not a great match and those matches had more than 3 Rainmakers, snap dragons, and V-triggers. That doesn’t make you a great wrestler, that means you lack originality and have a limited move set.

  • F. Loyd B. Pippin

    Most people would say that about Baron’s career thus far. He’s just mad that Dave owned him online years ago.

  • Anonymous

    Cancer are Baron’s segments on smackdown. A large population of the community of this site got a brain tumor from watching those god awful dog food segments. That is way they are always posting stupid comments.