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Kurt Angle claims Baron Corbin is the top heel in the business at the moment

Kurt Angle - Baron Corbin

  • CC

    There is more to a heel than purely generating heat. Some of the best heels in the history or wrestling are adored by fans. That includes The Rock, Daniel Bryan, Edge & CM Punk among many.
    Hell, one of the best heel runs last year was eco warrior Bryan. Did not stop the fans loving him though.
    Being a great heel is about entertaining people.

  • Luke

    Neither Undisputed Era nor AJ Styles are good heels. They are adored and generate no heat.

  • Mike the Ike

    This is what happens when you suffer multiple concussions, kids.

  • CC

    Nah. The guy was hated for the wrong reasons, proper X-Pac heat, but actually started to make some headway after his return but that that has been derailed by this awful feud with Reigns.
    Right now, Rollins is a better heel than Corbin and was better when he was a heel before as well (total proof he was not cut out to be a heel).
    Also, Wyatt/The Fiend is a better heel.
    Sami Zayn is a better heel too.
    AJ Styles is a more entertaining heel.
    All of the Undisputed Era are better.

    And that is just WWE. Claiming he is the best in “wrestling” does a huge disservice to anyone working in other promotions.