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Kurt Angle claims Baron Corbin is the top heel in the business at the moment

Kurt Angle - Baron Corbin

Kurt Angle retired from wrestling last year with his last match being against Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 35. While Angle wanted to wrestle other names at the event, it all ended well for the Olympic Gold medallist. During a recent interview with Chris van Vliet, Angle spoke about Corbin.

The former champion claimed that Corbin is a great wrestler while adding that he is the top heel in the wrestling right now. The former RAW General Manager also proceeded to add that he figured he might lose his last bout. He added:

“Baron’s a great wrestler. He’s a great talent. A lot of people don’t like him, but he’s really good at his job. He’s great, he the top heel in the business right now. I know that people might naturally hate him, but that’s a good thing.”

“I know people think, ‘Well he has real heat not WWE heat or wrestling heat’ it’s like well, that’s the point he wants to have real heat, so you know I got to wrestle the top heel in the business at WrestleMania. That’s the way I look at it.”


  • CC

    There is more to a heel than purely generating heat. Some of the best heels in the history or wrestling are adored by fans. That includes The Rock, Daniel Bryan, Edge & CM Punk among many.
    Hell, one of the best heel runs last year was eco warrior Bryan. Did not stop the fans loving him though.
    Being a great heel is about entertaining people.

  • Luke

    Neither Undisputed Era nor AJ Styles are good heels. They are adored and generate no heat.

  • Mike the Ike

    This is what happens when you suffer multiple concussions, kids.

  • CC

    Nah. The guy was hated for the wrong reasons, proper X-Pac heat, but actually started to make some headway after his return but that that has been derailed by this awful feud with Reigns.
    Right now, Rollins is a better heel than Corbin and was better when he was a heel before as well (total proof he was not cut out to be a heel).
    Also, Wyatt/The Fiend is a better heel.
    Sami Zayn is a better heel too.
    AJ Styles is a more entertaining heel.
    All of the Undisputed Era are better.

    And that is just WWE. Claiming he is the best in “wrestling” does a huge disservice to anyone working in other promotions.