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Lars Sullivan apologizes to WWE roster; Titus O’Neil responds

Lars Sullivan

Lars Sullivan’s rise to the main roster has been a rough one, to say the least. After his original debut was pushed back due to anxiety, the Freak finally emerged on Raw and SmackDown Live, only for his past to come back to haunt him.

Some comments, both old and recent, found their way to the surface recently, which painted Sullivan in a pretty bad light. And while it’s going to be hard for his peers, fans, and peers to forgive him, it seems that he’s taken a good step in the right direction.

Titus O’Neil revealed yesterday that the Freak took the time to address his remarks, making face-to-face apologies to members of the WWE roster. O’Neil commended Sullivan for trying to better himself as a human being. Several fans showed disappointment in his tweet, and one even claimed that Sullivan wasn’t even fined for his comments.

O’Neil was backed by WWE’s Scott Armstrong.

It looks like Sullivan is trying to do the right thing, and has found someone to help guide him through this ugly situation.

  • Soulshroude

    How convenient that Titus is backing Lars and not Hulk Hogan. How much money does it actually take to screw a white bulb? Pun intended.