Latest on Brock Lesnar’s possible UFC return

We noted before how there were rumours of Brock Lesnar possibly not re-signing with WWE after his contract expires in April 2018, after WrestleMania 34. The reports stated that Brock may be aiming for a UFC return after leaving WWE.



These speculations, however, lost their pace after a UFC Official denied the reports of The Beast re-entering the USADA testing pool to get himself cleared for a return following his suspension.

Though now it appears that there was some truth behind these speculations as Dave Meltzer is reporting that UFC is also interested in bringing Brock back for one more fight.

During his latest appearance on The LAW, the wrestling journalist spoke up about the whole situation and said that “There’s definitely fire to the smoke,”

Continuing on the topic, Meltzer revealed that UFC Officials also want the Universal Champion to come back because they are having a bad year:

“Well, UFC wants [a Lesnar fight] because UFC’s having a bad year, I’d heard a couple weeks ago they wanted Ronda Rousey back and they want Brock Lesnar, they want another Conor McGregor fight this year. They’ve got a budget and this year has been terrible. They want some drawing power for the end of the year.”

Later Dave also spoke up about a possible opponent for Lesnar and said that current idea is to have the 30-year-old UFC Star Jon Jones face him if he returns.

Although it’s worth mentioning that as of now, Brock Lesnar has not entered the USADA testing pool. In order to return he has to enter the pool again and complete the remaining 5 months of his suspension period which was frozen after he announced his retirement from UFC.

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