Lio Rush Emotionally Cheers Bobby Lashley Title Win

Lio Rush has reacted to Bobby Lashley’s WWE Title win with an emotional video, where he at first chokes and can’t do his chant, and then cheers ‘Lashley!’ Bruce Prichard ‘ruined’ Bobby Lashley’s title win.



Rush managed Lashley a couple of years ago earlier during Lashley’s comeback run. Rush later went back to NXT, and was then released by WWE. Lashley reunited with MVP last year following their 2014 TNA stable with Kenny King. The Hurt Business then formed with Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander, with the new ‘CEO’ persona culminating with Lashley beating The Miz for the WWE Championship on Raw.

Lashley said he checks all the boxes when it comes to being a WWE Champion.

Lashley told Graham Matthews before the match, “Ultimately, with the support, I think a lot of people know that I have paid my dues, and when you talk about a WWE champion and everything you put in there, I think I check all the boxes.

Can you send this guy around the world and have him represent your company in a very professional manner? If you watch Raw, we come in looking clean. The suits I throw together and the way that I walk—we’re trying to steal the show without even wrestling.” The interview was conducted for Bleacher Report.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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