Liv Morgan Shows Backside View In Backstage Photos

Liv Morgan is one of the fan-favorite stars in WWE and has been heavily featured on Monday Night RAW. She recently took to her Instagram account and dropped a series of pictures that featured her backstage at this week’s edition of Monday Night RAW. Liv Morgan was also spotted with a top AEW star.



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Liv Morgan sets a goal for 2022

Liv Morgan recently revealed that he wants to get hold of championship gold in WWE before 2022 ends. Here is what she said about her goal:

“I want to be the champion however I get there. That is my be-all-end-all for 2022. That’s what I’m working towards,” Liv Morgan confirmed. “Maybe also a guest spot on Euphoria. I want my candles [Shop Live More] to stay in business. Buy my candles. Just being happy and learning and staying positive and trying to navigate through this crazy thing we call life. Just enjoy everything we can. I just want to be present. Enjoy the moment while I have it.”

Recently, Morgan has gone up the ranks of the WWE women’s division. She was featured in a high-profile feud with RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch in the final months of last year.

When asked if there was a specific match or segment that caught the attention of WWE management, Morgan revealed she feels like she’s been getting praise from the company every week:

“I feel like on a weekly basis I get told, ‘That was really cool. Wow, you really improved.’ I feel like weekly I’m unknowingly doing things they are impressed by, but in my head, I am doing what I always do,” Morgan said. “It’s funny how that always works.”

Morgan recently competed in the Women’s Royal Rumble and went on to last for 37 minutes in the match before getting eliminated by Nikki and Brie Bella.

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