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Triple H says some Main Roster Talents will be moving to NXT

Prior to this year’s SummerSlam, there were talks of WWE possibly holding another Superstar Shakeup and there were even rumors of the company moving some main roster talents to NXT.

While the Shakeup never took place it appears that some main roster talents could still be moving to the development territory of WWE very soon.

During a recent interview with NBC Sport, Triple H said that they would be moving some main roster talents but explained that it shouldn’t be seen as a demotion:

“In some sense it will continue to be developmental, but it’ll be different from where it is today because I think you’re going to see talent move up and move down, I don’t think it should be seen as a demotion when they go to NXT. I think it should be seen as they’re competing in a different environment.”

Currently, it’s not known when WWE will do this move or which stars are expected to be shifted but we’ll keep you posted if any further details regarding it come to light.

  • Maurice

    I can see them trying to send dolph ziggler to nxt and one of two things will happen he will ask for his release or become nxt champion

  • Arnold Jackson

    Yup and you realize it is going to happen again and then he will be let go right?

  • CC

    I know a lot of people will see it as a demotion, but for people on the main roster either not being used or being under used, it is better to be sent to NXT and get a second chance than be released.
    I am sure for instance Darren Young or Emma would rather have been sent to NXT rather than be future endeavoured.

  • CC

    You do realise he already went down to NXT from the main roster before?

  • Will Henderson

    but for those NXT talents that get called up, half the time, it feels like a demotion as that being on the Main Roster gives you a chance of being misused, booked poorly and be held back due to Vince McMahon being a senile old man and sometimes jealous that his Son in Law has a better product with the NXT brand then he does. how do i know, just ask Finn Balor or a few NXT standouts that ended up not breaking out on the main roster.

    plus the main roster talent that need to go to NXT would in a way finally get a chance in the spotlight in the little pound known as NXT cause they would come in as a big fish.

  • Arnold Jackson

    It’s not a demotion Zack Ryder, it’s just after you put over Mojo, we want you to put over a few more guys in NXT before we release you.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    People will still view it as a demotion, similar to sending an MLB player down to AAA to get more experience…

  • oppa

    I think wrestling in front of smaller crowds, riding on buses, setting up the ring and handing out flyers for the show may be seen as a demotion to most people on the main roster.

  • CC

    In reality this is nothing new. Not only did former talents, who are now on the main roster, like Kandrick, James and Rhyno return to the company through NXT, but Ryder & Sin Cara went to NXT for a while as well.