Manny Pacquiao ‘Warning’ To Logan Paul Leaks

Boxing star Manny Pacquiao recently had an interview with GQ when he spoke about Youtuber-turned-pro-boxer Logan Paul, who has been making headlines recently with his matches and also off the ring antics.



Manny Pacquiao opens up on Logan Paul

It was noted that Logan Paul came to visit the Filipino boxer during training. During the interview, ‘Pacman’ was asked to share his thoughts on YouTubers challenging professional boxers. Logan Paul Reveals ‘Scary’ Khabib News

Pacquiao said:

“For their information, boxing is not that easy. It’s hard. You cannot say, ‘Oh I’m boxing in a fight’ without preparation. Without experience. It’s not that easy. Boxing is a very hard sport and difficult.”

There is a lot of attention around those fights involving Jake Paul, Mayweather. When questioned that if it is good for boxing, Pacquiao said:

“If you talk about real boxing, it’s not good. If it’s just for fans or fundraising, it’s good. It’s good for fundraising. If you talk about serious boxing, it’s not good for boxing.”

He was then asked:

“You’ve said before that you want to do what’s good for boxing. Would you ever participate in one of those fights?”

Here is what he replied:

“Depends on the scenario. For me, there’s no need for me to do that. It’s not a good idea.”

Pacquiao is set to face WBA welterweight champion Yordenis Ugas tonight in Las Vegas.

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