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Maria Kanellis blamed by dirtsheet writer for false report

During the past few days,  reports of Maria and Mike Kanellis requesting their release from WWE had made headlines. This was reported by Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet. Maria saw these reports and denied the claims that were made by Ryan Satin and said she did not ask for her WWE release. However, she did not deny that her husband Mike Kanellis asked for his release.

“I was not going to address this but I am getting phone calls and emails about it. I DID NOT ask for my release. Speculation and rumors are running rampant. Someone is playing all the wrestling news sites. It’s a game. I’ve been in professional wrestling for 15 years and what I do in front of the camera will only be a small part of the full story. I have relationships with fans, talent, producers, and their families. I have been in the hospital when people have been injured and backstage to hug someone that just had a great match. I don’t need to stir up shit. I don’t need to put others down. I am an imperfect human that has learned from past mistakes. Whoever is leaking rumors I pity you. And your desperate attempt for attention while disparaging my husband and I. I’m gonna take the weekend off of social media to hang out with my beautiful family and I suggest whoever it is does the same. Social media is not fact. It is fantasy, a nightmare, or a place for bullies. I want to use this for motivation to be positive everyday. I am still learning how to be a mom. I still fight postpartum depression. And I still try and become a better person everyday. I don’t need this made up extra stress. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and thank you for your support!!”

Ryan Satin then took to Twitter and commented on Maria’s remarks. He blamed her for not commenting on the matter when he reached out to both her and her husband.

“Just so it’s known … I reached out to the couple for comment BEFORE publishing and was told there’d be no comment. This could’ve been EASILY avoided had they just said the part about Maria wasn’t true. Reporters who reach out to verify information with you aren’t the enemy. “

Things could have been handled better regarding this situation. Regardless, Maria is not going anywhere, and knowing WWE, Mike is not as well as the company won’t be granting any releases anytime soon.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Hey, stop using logic and facts! It confuses the IWC!

  • CC

    No proof of that either way. Maybe they did ask and maybe the did not ask. The fact is, there was absolutely no proof they had asked for their release and this idiot has decided it is her fault for not cluing him in.

    Why would she give him the scoop in the first place?

  • CC

    So let me get this straight, Maria is to blame because she did not give some nobody of a dirtsheet “reporter” the answer he wanted?
    It’s her fault that he took “no comment” as a reason to report a story that might not even be true.


  • Wicka Steve

    That said, they asked for their release and were denied so now they have to say this and once their contracts are up in a few months they will leave the company.

  • Rinn13

    You have to love how these internet dirt sheet people refer to themselves as “reporters”, as if somehow they are accredited and respected journalists.