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Mark Henry looks back on his legendary “retirement speech” ahead of his documentary

Mark Henry

Back in 2013, Mark Henry claimed that he was going to retire on Monday Night Raw. The World’s Strongest Man interrupted then WWE Champion John Cena to thank the WWE Universe for their support over the years. In a heartfelt moment, with tears in his eyes, Mark Henry looked into the camera and told his kids that he was coming home.

The crowd begged Henry for one more match, and Cena handed Henry the championship. However, as Henry and Cena went in for a hug, Henry dropped the champ with the World’s Strongest Slam. It’s considered one of the greatest swerves in the company’s history, and though Henry never won the WWE Championship, it helped solidify him as one of the most dangerous big men in the business.

The salmon-colored jacket even made an appearance at Henry’s HOF induction last year, as Henry continued to target other champions while giving his speech.

That moment was one of the highlights of Henry’s career, and he had a chance to look back on that promo on Busted Open Radio recently. The WWE is set to release a documentary on Henry, titled, “The World’s Strongest Man: The Mark Henry Story,” immediately after the Elimination Chamber tonight. In a special clip above, WWE showed footage of Henry as he talked about the retirement speech with a fan.

It created a stir and…any time you create a stir, it’s good for TV.

You can check out more highlights of the former World Champion’s career tonight on the WWE Network.

  • BB

    Oops, I meant to say one big FINAL mega push.

  • Cause he had already had a push, and Vince only gives the darkies one shot, no matter how big or small it is.

  • BB

    That whole segment was gold. I was never the biggest Mark Henry fan but after he cut that fake retirement promo I was immediately sold on him. You can tell with a lot of the superstars now that they’re acting but during Henry’s speech it came off as 100% believable. Why they didn’t give him one big mega push after that is beyond me.