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Mark Henry reveals why Matt Riddle is the perfect replacement for Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 36

  • MT McGee

    I’m only okay with this is it’s one spear, one jackhammer, Goldberg over in less than 3 minutes. Riddle needs to be put in his place. Is Riddle a better wrestler? Absolutely, but Riddle needs to be knocked down more than a few pegs. Riddle has yet to draw dime one in the business and needs to respect Goldberg’s contributions to the business, regardless of whether or not he likes the man.

  • CC

    The WWE universe has been waiting for them to square off? Well a small percentage for sure do, but the bulk of them don’t even know who Riddle is. As good as NXT is, the viewing figures show that the bulk of the “WWE Universe” are still unaware of who the wrestlers are in NXT and are still blinkered main roster loyalists.
    There is also a large number of NXT fans who do not watch RAW or SD as well, so the number of fans who watch NXT and the main WWE roster is so small in comparison that if you think that not all of them care for Riddle as well, the amount of people actually wanting this match would be barely a blip on anyones radar.

    And how would this benefit Riddle anyway? He would not be winning the Universal title so all this would do is end up burying him, losing to a part time old guy in a short match and making main roster fans care even less about NXT guys.