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Martha Hart responds to Bret, says she will not let WWE profit from Owen’s death

  • Rinn13

    Same goes for you, champ. She is right that his death was WWE’s fault. But they’ve “paid” for that already, and then some. Modern WWE especially is garbage. But Owen belongs in the HoF. He deserves that honor. Are some of the inductees a joke? Yes. But there have also been a lot of great wrestlers HONORED by it. FANS want him in the HoF. Most of his family except for her, want him in the HoF.

    The fact is, she just hates wrestling, and that’s her right. But she shouldn’t have the right to keep fans from being able to celebrate Owen’s career. And for anyone to say that somehow Bret wasn’t super close with Owen (he was), and that he’s “only speaking professionally”, is bullshit. Bret may not have been AS affected by his death as Owen’s wife and kids, but don’t dare think for a second that he wasn’t devastated more than most. In fact he’s never gotten over Owen’s death, and it haunts him to this day.

    But regardless of semantics, or what you may want to think, regardless of what SHE wants to think, Owen DOES belong in the HoF, and they SHOULD make an Owen DVD/BR set. If she wants to take that profit and put it towards her foundation? Great. Whatever. But let fans celebrate and honor him, for fuck’s sake.

  • oppa

    To be fair, this is WWE’s fault. WWE released a number of things that included Owen after his death and all of the money that they should have gotten they didn’t get because WWE didn’t feel it was necessary to pay them. Martha had to get a lawyer and sue them again to get the money she was owed. Maybe if they hadn’t made money and cheated his widow out of what she was owed in the past, she’d be more open to it. Or maybe if they built an actual hall of fame building she could visit instead of his grave things would change.

  • oppa

    The foundation was started with the money she got in the settlement of his death. She gave a million to each of his parents and started the foundation. It was her way of trying to make something positive happen with the money she got from his death.

  • Omar

    You are free to pity and think whatever you want, wont make a lick of difference either way.

  • CC

    If you do not consider a brother, someone who is of the same flesh and blood, as closer than his wife, then I pity you and your family.
    With the way marriages are, who is to say that had he survived they would even still be together? Marriages can be very transitional, but you cannot break a bond of blood.

    Once again, your assumptions of how Bret feels show your hypocrisy.

    She owes nothing to fans, but maybe just maybe Owen would not have wanted his legacy expunged from history. But hey, you know everything about their inner workings dont you. You know exactly what Bret thinks and what Owen would have wanted.

  • AmishPatel

    It was on news sites a couple of days ago, yes. People on here need to take a step back at times and think before they speak. On average, there is about 30-40 news headlines a day, and unfortunately I do not have an infinite pool of writers (or money) that can cover around the clock to get everything up ASAP without delay. We try our best, but there will be times we may pick up news a bit later, yes. To put it in context, after i pay the current guys I have any any other costs (server, etc. etc.) I am barely make a few hundred bucks so sorry we are not up to your standards. Suggest you go elsewhere if you are not happy.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Public if you live in a small town in Canada maybe 😉

  • Omar

    I absolutely dont consider a brother a closer family member as his wife and children. Owen wasnt a child. People grow up and they become closer to the family they start.

    Also consider the fact that Bret is a wrestler and a worker. He “works” in every interview. Thats what wrestlers do. Bret is only thinking and commenting about the profession. His wife and children are talking about his life as a whole and certainly respect that rather than encapsulating a person into his profession. Especially for a marketing tool like WWE HOF and working with WWE to do so.

    She doesnt need to be a skillful negotiator or anything. She owes absolutely nothing to wrestling fans to do so. In her eyes she was made a widow and her children permanently deprived from their father due to WWF and it makes absolute sense for her not to do ANY kind of business with WWE.

  • CC

    So you dont think that Bret is family then?
    He wants his brothers memory to be in the public domain, and wants fans to still be able to see him.

    She was notoriously hard to deal with before he died, so now she is just being pig headed.
    As I, and other people have stated, she does not have to let WWE profit from his memory. A skillful negotiator can easily make it so any time they use his image, the Owen Hart Foundation can benefit.

    I just love the fact that you go on about family and how fans do not understand etc, then say a member of his family is just doing to stay relevant. That is out and out hypocrisy on your part there. Who are you to say that Bret, a guy who is probably closer to Owen than Martha seeing as he is his god damn brother who knew him from the day he was born, is not saying this because he means it?

  • CC

    Of course they do. How else do you think they steal these articles? 😉

  • Fredrick

    I hope she does first.

  • M

    I honestly don’t. So this is news to me.

  • Not News

    Read this DAYS ago on a different site. Do the writers here not read other sites?

  • jeff

    Please get cancer and die from it.

  • Omar

    I completely understand her point and stand by her. This is a person we are talking about; her husband. He was not just wrestling. He was not just WWF. A man is more than his career and his worth is more than his accomplishments in a ring. WWE does not define Owen and She is right, Owen’s memory is more than just wrestling.

    WWE HOF is just a marketing tool where its entrants are chosen at the whim of Vince McMahon, it is not a real hall of fame. There is absolutely no real value or honor to it. DVDs and Documentaries and Merch also directly benefits WWE. WWE releases no product without its own interest, and why would it? It is a Business.

    All these wrestling fans are only thinking from their own point of view. Think about it from a family’s point of view. This is not business to them. Why should she work with a company that she believes is responsible for the death of her husband? She absolutely doesnt have to and his family doesnt have to.

    I absolutely agree with her and that with a charitable foundation, Owen’s name would be remembered for a much better worthwhile cause than just a “wrestler” that played fake fighting for a carny company.

    All wrestlers (including Bret) do these interviews and make these statements to keep themselves relevant for business so that people pay to see them in the ring or for autographs and signings. Thats what Wrestling is, its a work for marketing. But this is not a “work” for Owen’s wife and his children. They dont want money from WWE or wrestling fans by working them, and I respect that.

  • Willliam

    STUPID BITCH!!!!!!!!

  • Kristopher Robinson

    If I was her, I would just make the WWE make an extremely generous donation to the Owen Hart Foundation.

  • CC

    Celebrating his life in a very public way? When was the last time anyone heard anything about Owen in a public way, other than people discussing why he is not in the HoF etc.

    While WWE is to blame to a degree, I agree, the common sense route would be for her to work with them and use them to help raise money for his foundation. At least then they would at least be contributing to a worthwhile cause. If he features on a DVD or whatever, all she needs to do is negotiate a deal where a percent of proceeds got towards her charity.
    As much as people want him in the HoF, I doubt WWE would make huge profit from anything.

    Plus, letting him in the HoF is hardly a way for WWE to make profit from him.