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Matt Hardy continues to tease retirement with heartfelt tweet about Bray Wyatt

Matt Hardy Bray Wyatt Money In The Bank

Matt Hardy recently revealed that his lower back and pelvis have begun to fuse together. Hardy stated that the reasoning for this probably had to do with his top rope leg drop.

After he and Bray Wyatt failed to recapture the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships last night, Hardy took to Twitter to thank Bray Wyatt, saying that he would miss him.

Earlier in the day, Hardy had tweeted again about his injury, showing a moment during a ladder match where he hit the leg drop off a ladder onto Rob Van Dam.

Still, there has been no official word from the WWE or Hardy on if he’s retiring or leaving the company. This could just mean that the Deleters of Worlds are finished as a tag team. However, with the severity of Hardy’s situation, he’s more than likely gearing up for retirement.


  • Mike the Ike

    Matt does something interesting for the first time since his V1 days and his career ends. Meanwhile meth hardy is still doing the same ridiculous shtick he’s been doing for a decade and his career continues. Ain’t that a b?

  • Darrin Tyler

    ….wow thats sad.