Matthew Perry 911 Call Leaks With Video

Matthew Perry is no longer with us. The actor left on his heavenly journey at age 54 on Saturday in his Los Angeles residence, submerged in a hot tub. The news confirmed by many outlets state that Matthew is no longer with us. A 911 call has leaked.



While there are many talking about him in their tributes, Daily Mail has talked about the dress the late actor wore on his last trip outside. The actor was seen in sweatpants and t-shirt when he went out for dinner on Saturday. The actor of one of the most loved sitcoms in history, ‘FRIENDS’ is gone too soon, and the tributes continue to pour.

WWE superstars share tributes to the late actor

Matthew Perry was loved by many in the WWE. Alexa Bliss and Carmella have already talked about their love for Friends. The news was devastating for them, and they took to Instagram to post about him.

RIP MATTHEW PERRY I am really so sorry to hear of the death of actor Matthew Perry. I am such a big fan of #Friends (I’ve been wearing a Friends shirt the past two days ) and Perry’s Chandler Bing character was the one I identified with most. My heart goes out to his family, friends and his many fans.

According to Ringside News, Alexa and Carmella are out on pregnancy care, so they aren’t seen on television. Mick Foley also penned down a tribute for the late actor. It’s worth noting that the work done by these performers is just so touching that it strikes a cord amongst the fans.

It’s worth understanding why so many people connected with the star. His character was so loveable and his expressions were so wonderful that anyone would fall for his antics. The actor had a charismatic look, but as is the case, ‘All good things must come to an end.’

Do you have a tribute for Matthew Perry? Sound off in the comments.

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