Michael Bisping Reveals Jon Jones ‘Punishment’ News

Michael Bisping is certainly one of the most beloved UFC veterans in the history of the MMA world. Jake Paul also recently leaked a Michael Bisping paycheck offer. 



Jon Jones is currently one of the best fighters in the history of the MMA world and has had 14 successful title defences and cemented his legacy as one of the best ever. Jon Jones’ interesting message to Fedor previously leaked as well. 

Jon Jones has repeatedly talked about deserving better pay for fighting the likes of UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou. The whole topic of UFC fighters deserving better pay has maintained steam throughout the months. However, it might have affected Jon Jones’ career in the UFC.

Jon Jones was also recently arrested in Las Vegas on domestic violence charges which shocked the MMA world. Michael Bisping recently spoke on MMA WRAP UP, where he talked about Jon Jones’ recent arrest.

“Listen, I said it last time I’ve always had good interactions with Jon. This is inexcusable and he’s came out and he’s said he’s gonna stop drinking… I was around this stuff when I was a kid. From what I’ve read she’s not pressing charges… it’s disgusting, domestic violence is disgraceful, certainly from someone like Jon Jones. Jones fucked up once again and it’s just disgusting. He’s a man with the world at his feet, he’s clearly got some f****** demons. He needs some help, some professional help. I don’t believe just not drinking is enough, I think he needs to go through some kind of counseling, anger management for sure. The anger management really helps, so that’s a strong suggestion. He’s obviously gonna stay off any kind of drinks or drugs and kind of substances and he’s gotta f****** beg for forgiveness.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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