Michelle McCool Tweets on Using a TNA Star’s Finisher, Rey Mysterio Update

Partial source: F4Wonline



– News on the drug that led to Rey Mysterio’s thirty day WWE Wellness suspension has not yet broken, but sources within the industry have found another aspect of the saga rather interesting. There is interest in the fact that WWE announced Mysterio’s failure, and the fact that he begins serving his suspension after next week’s SmackDown taping, prior to his losing the title. For wrestling fans aware of the impending suspension, WWE’s method of handling the matter seems to spoil a likely title change next week and make WWE’s continued advertising of Dolph Ziggler vs. Rey Mysterio for Breaking Point seem deliberately misleading.

– On Twitter, a fan asked Michelle McCool (who recently opened an account) how Undertaker is doing and why she stole AJ Styles’ finishing maneuver. The fan wrote: “Hows Taker? Why did you Steal AJ Styles finisher?”

McCool actually responded to his query, writing back: “idk and I guess b/c I had nothing better to do…sorry!”

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