Mike Tyson Reveals Worst Drug Brad Pitt Used

The pro boxing legend Mike Tyson has had numerous controversies during his career. He has been married three times and has had many girlfriends throughout his life. He recently spoke about his girlfriend in prison. Tyson had quite some strained relationships, but the one that stood out was his marriage with Robin Givens. There was also a time when Mike walked in on his now ex-wife Robin Givens sleeping with Brad Pitt.



Back in 1988 Mike Tyson and Robin Givens were in a relationship and married each other 11 months after going out on their first date. Their relationship fell apart as the two decided to go separately. According to the heavyweight boxer, even though the divorce proceedings between the two were going on, he often visited her home to sleep with her. It was during one of these encounters when Mike Tyson Walked in on Robin Givens sleeping with the Hollywood star Brad Pitt. The heavyweight champion was furious with the Hollywood celebrity and also claimed to hit him. He was afraid that Pitt would attack with the sort of martial arts.

Mike Tyson comments on the incident

Recounting, Tyson said:

 “It’s Brad ‘the shi*t’ Pitt. Listen, you should have saw [seen] his face when he saw me. He looked like he must have been a little high. ‘Cause I know about high. He smoked w*ed.”

Here is what Tyson added about him and Brad Pitt.

Mike Tyson was afraid of Brad Pitt applying ‘Brazilian Karate’ against him According to Tyson, when he caught Brad Pitt, the latter was not the same Brad Pitt he is now. At the time of their encounter, Pitt looked like he had just smoked some we*d and was excessively high. Seeing Tyson, the world heavyweight champion in boxing, Pitt was scared. However, he wasn’t the only one scared in the room. Tyson was also afraid lest Pitt attacked him with the sort of action seen in movies.

Tyson said:

“He wasn’t the Brad now with the reputation he’s now upholding. But you know, now, he’s like a beach b*m, a little nerdy. And man, he was scared the sh*t. I was scared too ’cause this is pre-Matrix. That Brazilian Karate shi*t – trying to run but coming back.”

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