Mike Tyson Stunned By ‘Racist’ Jake Paul Insult

Mike Tyson has never really held back when it came to saying some off-handed things about white people. In fact, Mike Tyson continues to do so today, maybe not as harsh, but yet, still enough to feel that there’s some deep rooted issues going on that Tyson hasn’t addressed yet as he has with many of his other demons in the past…Deontay Wilder ‘Health Problem’ Before Fury Fight Leaks.



In a recent episode of Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, Mike sat down with David Benavidez, the two-time WBC super-middleweight champion, and his co-host Henry Cejudo (former UFC flyweight and bantamweight champion).

Cejudo asked Tyson what he thought about the bout between Woodley and Jake Paul.

Tyson stated: “I don’t know, Paul’s a real good striker and people disadvantage him when they go in and say, blond hair and blue eyes, ‘he’s a white b****.’ That also builds their courage up that Paul is gonna get knocked out.”

While Mike Tyson didn’t choose who he would see win the fight, he does like the Paul brothers as they are all friends and Mike Tyson has done his job in pumping the two up to encourage them to continue to move forward, so it doesn’t seem that there is any direct hate to anyone from Mike Tyson here.

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