Miro recalls having heat during a storyline in WWE

Miro(better known as Rusev in WWE) recently discussed having heat during his stint in WWE. On a recent edition of Talk Is Jericho podcast, ‘The Bulgarian Brute’ opened up on the incident.



Miro and Lana faced heat backstage due to storyline fail

During the podcast, the former WWE United States Champion talked about having heat in WWE due to his wedding with Lana in 2016. He claimed that it had affected a storyline build-up in WWE involving him and his wife with Dolph Ziggler and Summer Rae.

He said:

“Literally, I have no idea. I’ve never had heat with anybody. I remember the one time I had was about the wedding, but it was not our fault either. They said we leaked the pictures, which is not true at all. So we were in the angle, [it was] me and Summer against Lana and Dolph, and the one summer, we did get engaged, but she sent that picture to the office and to some of the girls. It’s her happiest day of her life. She’s getting engaged.”

The pictures of their engagement and marriage were leaked. However, the blame came on Lana about leaking the images. ‘The Bulgarian Brute’ said that this was the reason behind scrapping the plans of the storyline.

He was set to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship but the storyline was cancelled and the star couple faced consequences. Lana was not involved in any storyline while Miro worked as a jobber.

He added:

“Somebody leaks that and they blame her. They blame me. I do jobs for six months. Our story gets cancelled that night we were in Chicago. I remember it because I was supposed to win the IC title. I was supposed to get married with Summer. They nixed it that night, and when I talked to Vince, he’s like, ‘well, TMZ, it’s like CNN. It’s world news. Everybody knows it’s true… Everybody will go against it.’ So CJ did nothing for a long time, and I was doing jobs forever.”

Miro was released by WWE in April, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He eventually joined AEW in September and made his debut on Dynamite and portrays a gimmick of ‘The Best Man’.

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