Monday Night Raw draws worst rating in history

Monday Night Raw had quite a bit of competition last night. Between The Voice, Dancing with the Stars, and debuting shows like Manifest and Magnum P.I., not to mention Monday Night Football, the WWE had a tough night.



Now it’s been revealed that the company’s flagship show drew its worst rating in its entire history on September 24. Raw reportedly averaged 2.35 million viewers over their three-hour time slot.

Hour 1- 2.49 million

Hour 2- 2.28 million

Hour 3- 2.28 million

Compared to the post Hell in a Cell episode, Raw’s viewership dropped by about 300,000. This brings Raw’s average rating this month to 2.63 million. WWE’s ratings continue to falter, as they have since May. Since WrestleMania season has ended, the company has struggled to break the 3 million mark.

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