Former Champion rumored to be unhappy with WWE

There have been rumors on the internet that former Cruiserweight Champion Neville is unhappy with WWE and according to several wrestling sites, he has asked for his release from the company.



The rumors go as far as saying that the former Champion was so displeased that he ‘walked out’ of Raw this week, similar to what CM Punk did back in 2014.

Neville recently lost his Cruiserweight Championship to Enzo Amore and turned face in the process though he didn’t appear on Raw this week.

According to PWinsider, he was originally supposed to face Enzo in the main event of the show but these plans were changed and Kalisto ended up facing Amore on the show instead.

While the site didn’t reveal the exact reason why this match was nixed, if there is any truth to the speculations of Neville walking out it might just explain why the bout never happened.

Though at this moment we are not able to confirm any of these reports and until we get more information on the situation all this should be considered a rumor only.

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