Oscar De La Hoya Reveals Drug Mike Tyson Used

In an interview which you can check out below, Oscar De La Hoya opened up about what he felt saved him – drugs. That’s right, psychedelics. While many may scoff at the idea of an elite athlete getting into such things, it really does sound like that it helped the former champ come out of the darkest place that he’s ever been. Oscar de la Hoya Girlfriend Beach Backside Photo Leaks.



Oscar stated: “I made peace with my mom, so we’re good there because I had this event about a year ago where – it’s gonna sound crazy, but I f*****g tried shrooms for the first time – the micro dosing. This is (Mike) Tyson doing it everyday, and I wouldn’t do it everyday, but it went incredible – there was a shaman (and) it was controlled.”

Oscar De La Hoya then goes on to say that his experience was much needed as his life was in shambles. At the point before trying psychedelic mushrooms, Oscar De La Hoya notes that he was doing lots of drugs and drinking lots of alcohol on top of all of that due to being at such a low point. De La Hoya notes that if it wasn’t for the mushrooms or the shaman that he most likely would not have dug himself out of such a dark place in his life.

Oscar De La Hoya is extremely thankful for being the man he is today. In part, he does attribute this to the experience that he had with the mushrooms. Mike Tyson is an advocate for this kind of therapy as well as is Joe Rogan. The case of Oscar is not uncommon as many have had such breakthroughs like this as well.

Dustin Schumacher
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