Paul Heyman on if anything can bring CM Punk back to WWE

The mad scientist of wrestling Paul Heyman recently had an interview with Digital Spy where among other things, he also talked about his former associate, CM Punk.



When asked if anything could bring the former WWE Champion back to WWE, Heyman said that he doesn’t think Punk thinks about the company anymore and he hopes that he doesn’t:

“I don’t think Phil Brooks thinks about WWE at all anymore. I would hope that he doesn’t. I would hope that he is of the focused mindset in propelling himself into the ranks of UFC. I don’t think it’s a matter of positioning or money or spotlight anymore. I think it’s a matter of his dream is to become a successful UFC fighter and he doesn’t even have a thought regarding WWE, at least I would hope that he doesn’t. Because I don’t know how it would be considered productive for him to do so.”

When asked about a potential Hulk Hogan return amidst the various rumors about him, Paul said that his opinion doesn’t matter as he is not the one who buys the tickets:

“I’m not a ticket buyer. Nor am I part of the target demographic that is catered to subscribe to the WWE Network. So whether or not I want Hulk Hogan back in WWE is irrelevant. It’s whether the audience and the advertisers and the sponsors and the chairman of the board want Hulk Hogan back in WWE. And when those stars align Hulk Hogan will be back and until then he won’t

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