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Podcast: Is It Time To Eliminate The Chamber?

Bilal and Daniel review the Elimination Chamber.

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  • MT McGee

    I know that Extreme Rules replaced One Night Stand, but WCW Uncensored was the same type of ppv: every match had a different gimmick. Vince hasn’t had an original idea in 20 years. And yeah, HIAC needs a build, not hey it’s October so you two are going to have a match.

  • Sparti Love

    Extreme Rules to replaced One Night Stand as the “extreme” event.

    Yes, those WCW had arena themes, but not match specific. I’d prefer that approach better than shoving HiaC match that seems rushed with no buildup

  • MT McGee

    Agreed, but this is something that WWE stole from WCW. They stole Uncensored and made Extreme Rules and if you’ve ever listened to 83 Weeks, you know that Eric was gave WCW ppvs an identity, like Bash at the Beach and Halloween Havoc. WWE took that idea and created the ppvs you named. I would be okay with Elimination Chamber and MiTB being their own thing because with the brand split, EC should be used to set up the title matches that the RR doesn’t and MiTB has kinda replace King of the Ring. But I hate HIAC and TLC being forced just because it’s that time of year instead of it fitting the feuds.

  • Sparti Love

    Eliminate match specific PPVs. I want Elimination Chamber, TLC, MiB, HiC to be special again, not forced