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Possibility of future violent matches in AEW

  • Keith Learmonth

    I legit don’t even know why people are calling the match excessively violent.

    Most of the barbed wire was gimmicked, as was the glass.

    Compare the Sabu/Funk barbed wire match to this one. Look how these guys got out with just minor scrapes. Kenny’s gear wasn’t even damaged.

  • Darrin Tyler

    I loved it. It reminded me of the old days. They should do more and more like it. Too many pissy wwe fans that have never seen a real hardcore match in their lives are not use to seeing this masterpiece.

  • F. Loyd B. Pippin

    When your wife tweets out “WTF” during your match, you’ve crossed a line. The story will probably continue based on Kenny asking Mox “what were you going to do, chain wrestle with me?” They already have JImmy Havoc and Joey Jenella saying they want to use AEW as a way to show they can actually wrestle and not be reliant on weapons and blood. We’ll see how this goes forward.

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    Also, do not believe a word of this article. Alvarez is hardly a reliable source

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    Oh piss off with your “garbage” wrestling. I hope they scared off the “hardcore wrestling fans” if they were offended by that match.

    Did u watch the match? There were plenty of suplexes, etc. It wasn’t a japenese 1,000 light tubes of death-match. It was just a hardcore match the way they’re suppossed to be done

  • Will Henderson

    while “Garbage wrestling” has no place in pro wrestling, but some people love it, and AEW trying to get the “Garbage wrestling” crowd with matches like this. but at the end of the day, they may have alienated the hardcore wrestling fans who aren’t fans of the garbage wrestling. wrestling is about the moves, the characters, the drama, etc, but “Garbage wrestling” is inflicting lots and lots of pain and misery and make each other kill each other with over the top wrestling weapons like barbed wire wrapped wood, tables, barbed wire ropes, glass, lots and lots of glass, flosurent light bulbs, etc,