Possibility of future violent matches in AEW

Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega had an extremely violent match at AEW Full Gear in the main event of the show. Weapons such as chains, mousetraps and glass were used in the match. A lot of blood was shed as both competitors put their bodies on the line to become the victor. Ultimately, Moxley was victorious.



On Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez noted that after talking to people, it is doubtful fans will get to see a match like that for a long time. He thinks the impression was that owing to Jon Moxley really wanting to do that kind of match, AEW let him do it. While it might not be out of Jon’s system entirely, it is over for now.

One can never rule out another hardcore match from Jon Moxley, but it might be some time until we see him as we did in Full Gear. However, it seems his rivalry with Kenny Omega is far from over.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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