Possible future plans for Randy Orton after loss to Keith Lee at Payback

As seen on last night’s Payback pay-per-view, Keith Lee defeated Randy Orton in his first-ever match on the main roster. The former NXT Champion was dominant throughout the match and successfully beat the 13-time World Champion.



Many are wondering about Orton’s future after suffering a crushing defeat at the hands of Keith Lee. Dave Meltzer addressed this situation on Wrestling Observer Radio and revealed that Orton might be in for something much bigger than a singles victory.

Meltzer said that Orton could be in for a WWE Championship reign in the very near future.

I think that the one thing is that, to me, as soon as I saw that result, I was like, “Orton is winning the title from Drew McIntyre after all.” I don’t know that, but that was the immediate conclusion I came to. And they are setting up for Orton vs. Keith Lee title matches as well.

So if Orton is going to win the title him losing to Keith Lee, I wouldn’t say it was a no-brainer, it’s WWE, they could have easily not done it but they did it and it wasn’t a great match at all you know, six minutes and just a pin out of nowhere but just him winning, from a storyline standpoint, everything like that and a star-creating standpoint, it was a good move.

Orton’s promos and character work have acquired him a lot of praise from fans and critics alike in recent months. Many would love to see the Apex Predator taste Championship gold once again in WWE.


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