Possible reason why WWE booked a flag match for Battleground, may contain spoilers

Booking a Flag match between John Cena and Rusev for the upcoming Battleground PPV was a surprising decision by WWE as it will likely be Cena’s first PPV match after his return.



Tough it appears that WWE has chosen this stipulation very carefully so the finish of the match won’t hurt any of the involving star’s moment going forward.

In the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Live Bryan Alvarez speculated that the Flag match is a way to let Rusev win the match without hurting Cena’s momentum as he will just have to grab the Flag and he won’t be pinning John.

This is a clever move on WWE’s part as beating Cena will allow Rusev to gain some of his lost momentum and the Cenation Leader would not be hurt before SummerSlam PPV.

Though if Rusev really wins the bout. Then it’d be interesting to see how the storyline revolving Cena would move forward and if the Cenation leader will continue his feud with the Bulgarian Brute after Battleground PPV.

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