Post-PPV Interview Recaps from Punk, Ziggler, 3MB, Others

– cameras caught up with CM Punk and others after last night’s Survivor Series pay-epr-view for post-show reactions. Here are recaps:



* CM Punk and Paul Heyman were asked about the ending of the WWE Title match. They dodged the question and Heyman wondered why the interviewer wasn’t congratulating Punk. Punk bragged about being WWE Champion for 365 days and threw his water bottle at the interviewer.

* Sheamus talked about how he didn’t get the World Heavyweight Title back but he did get revenge for Big Show attacking William Regal. Sheamus says Show took the easy way out because he knew he was losing.

* Mick Foley was asked how Team Foley did against Team Ziggler. Foley admitted they came up short but said his guys worked better as a team. Foley said losing Kane early on threw everything off. Foley was happy with how The Miz performed but said the jury is still out on Miz because he’s rubbed people the wrong way and made a lot of enemies.

* Dolph Ziggler spoke about being the sole survivor in the Team Ziggler vs. Team Foley match. Ziggler says he talks about it and does it every night. Ziggler called Foley a joke but said his team put up a valiant effort.

* United States Champion Antonio Cesaro spoke about defeating R-Truth. He said everyone is jealous of him and nobody can compete with him. Cesaro declared that he is the greatest US Champion of all-time.

* WWE’s camera crews also caught Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd celebrating their win without partner Brodus Clay. Kidd talked about how they all grew up idolizing Mysterio and how it was an honor to win with him. Mysterio called his partners the future of WWE.

* Vickie Guerrero also spoke to the cameras last night. She says AJ Lee displayed her true colors and immaturity by bringing Photoshopped pictures against her. Vickie says some people respect authority on the WWE roster and one of those people helped her out. She acted like she didn’t know Tamina Snuka would be assisting her.

* Finally, there was a video with 3MB’s Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre where they bragged about “main eventing” the Survivor Series pre-show.

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