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RAW ratings fall below 2 million viewers

  • Whistling Joe

    I saw a better version of this story on another site that had the break down on the segments.
    >Taker started with 2.23 million viewers
    >Mania Women’s triple threat lost 20,000 viewers, not surprising since it was a rerun, but had Ronda and Becky.
    >Lynch/Shayna and Black match lost 40,000, again, you had Becky so not really surprising it wasn’t a bigger drop considering people are sick of Black squash matches.
    >KO/Street Profits vs Rollins, Garza, and Theory lost 225,000. No surprise there since the Profits are trash and no one knows who Theory and Garza are.
    >Owens promo, Edge/Orton package lost 80,000 viewers.

    >Edge promo and Asuka’s match lost 55,000 viewers. Again not surprising since no one knows who Kayden Carter is and knows it’s a squash match.
    >Lensar/Rey match from SS lost 214,000
    >Heyman promo lost 25,000

    So, this is a pretty easy situation to fix. Stop replaying matches. Stop doing squash matches. Stop all the damn promos if you’re not going to give us real matches. Get rid of the Street Profits. Now in case any brass from WWE reads this, we don’t need LONGER tv matches, we need MORE tv matches. Long matches should only be on ppv and occasionally the main event of Raw. We should be getting at least 9 tv matches on Raw each week.

  • CC

    This is no surprise and hardly something worth reporting away a lot of sites are doing.
    It was inevitable. The first empty arena shows got a lot of interest because it was something new, something unusual, but once everyone realised how essentially poor it was (and HHH was removed from commentary, the true highlight of that first SD), interest subsided.

    While the shows are not interesting, and WWE is getting slammed for still going ahead with WrestleMania, I think their decision to have minimal matches is actually a lot more sensible than AEW and the amount of matches they are still having.
    They both need to shut it down. Wrestling is not essential, and a break might be a good thing for everyone, including creative, to recharge their batteries and come back out fighting whenever this is over.
    WM is in the can, so once that is done let that be the end of “live” wrestling for a bit.
    The networks can air old shows or highlights shows compiled by WWE, and AEW is still new enough that I am sure that having TNT fill their slot with a movie or something would not hurt them.

  • R.T. Red

    What’s unappealing is 3 hours and 1-2 matches. Having Lynch cut a promo and “wait” the entirety of her Mania match to get a point across is unappealing. These days make it tough to put on any show I can understand that.