Reason behind injury angle at Extreme Rules

Prior to their Championship match at Extreme Rules PPV, The Bludgeon Brothers attacked Kane and Daniel Bryan, which essentially took the Big Red Monster out of the equation.



After the attack, Kane was not able to make it for their match in time which forced Bryan to compete on his own. While the former World Champion did come out later on his role in the bout was very limited.

WWE explained this by putting in a walking boot on him and reporting that Kane suffered a leg injury during the attack and it appears that there was a reason behind this setup.

According to PWinsider, Kane suffered a legitimate leg injury sometime in the past week and he was seen using a walking boot in the arena prior to the PPV.

The company did this angle as a storyline explanation of the former Champion’s injury, though there is no word yet on what they had originally planned for the show.

How this injury will affect him and when or if Kane will return to action is not known either but we’ll keep you posted as more details on his condition come to light.

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