Rey Mysterio Daughter ‘Gone’ For Bad Reason

The former WWE star Westin Blake recently join Riju Dasgupta of Sportskeeda. He went on to discuss the idea pitched regarding their feud with recently released star,Buddy Murphy and The Mysterios.



Blake, who is a former Forgotten Sons member had a lot to share about the plans that were nixed by WWE.

Aalyah Mysterio’s absence caused the feud to fall apart

Blake revealed that the The Forgotten Sons(Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake) were  planned to feud with Murphy, Rey and Dominik Mysterio. They were supposed to work a couple of pay-per-views as well. Chris Jericho Calls Fired WWE Star ‘Racist

He said:

“When we first got up there, we were gonna start a feud with Buddy ’cause Buddy had just got done with Seth Rollins and he was with the Mysterio family. So when we got up there we were gonna start a feud with Buddy and the Mysterios which was gonna be very exciting. It was gonna lead to a couple of pay-per-views, what we were told with that.”

Eventually, the plans had to be scrapped off as Aalyah Mysterio had contracted COVID-19 and had to take some time off the company. Ultimate, Cutler also tested positive for the virus and the plan did not go through.

Blake said:

“But that just didn’t seem to happen. Towards the end of the year the Mysterios went away for a little bit. I think one of their family members may have gotten COVID, so they were gone for like two-three weeks. Buddy Murphy, I believe, was around someone with COVID so they had him stay away. So the storyline kind of kept changing and shifting. And then ultimately Steve caught COVID as well. Once he caught COVID I was told to leave and we will work something out later on, and that just never came to fruition.”

Cutler was released by WWE on February 4, 2021, while Blake was released recently in April following WrestleMania 37.

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