Rey Mysterio Fan Shows Up At Home For Autographs

A fan recently showed up to Rey Mysterio’s home for autographs. The fan was not invited to the house and he had no prior relationship with Mysterio. While many stars would call the police, or worse, use firepower to get rid of the trespasser – Mysterio kindly signed autographs for the fan. Fans are now weighing in on the topic heavily. WWE Agree To Deal With Former World Champion.



A Rey Mysterio defendant fan stated the following about the fan that showed up to Rey Mysterio’s house: “This dude has me furious…He found Rey Jr’s address online and showed up at the front door of his house with a box of figures for him to sign. This is crossing the line! @WWE and wrestling fans, in general, can be so selfish.”

Following the tweet calling out the fan, another fan said: “I’m beyond shocked Rey did it. I would have told the kid to kick rocks. A grown adult.”

Another fan stated: “You can’t just go and knock the door of a Wrestling Legend just like that, that guys needs help.”

Lastly, a fan commented on how this is all very stalker behavior and how more stalkers could be bred from this: “What I find concerning is how are people finding out these wrestlers’ addresses online? Like… sorry but that info should be private.”

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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