Roman Reigns ‘Buries’ Injured WWE Diva

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns does not shy away from speaking his mind and during a recent interview, he took a shot at WWE star Bayley, who is currently out of action due to an injury.



Roman Reigns takes a dig at Bayley

The Tribal Chief has been Universal Champion since Payback 2020 and is currently in a feud with WWE veteran John Cena, who is eyeing to dethrone Reigns. He has millions of fans behind him and a big name has just been added to that list.

Former SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley recently noticed Reigns’ comments about who carried WWE over the past year or so, specifically during the pandemic era. CM Punk Leaks AEW Debut At UFC Show?

He had said:

“There’s been nobody to ever carry the WWE product like I have over the past year and I stand on that. You can throw anybody out. We can try and be nice and say, ‘Oh, Bayley! She just got hurt. She was the best.’ Come on, let’s not lie to ourselves. The Tribal Chief has carried the WWE for well over a year now and there’s no denying it.”

Bayley responds to the comments

Bayley posted a screenshot of Roman Reigns’ comments and made it clear that The Head of the Table “is done for.” She added that she will be rooting for John Cena in his SummerSlam match with Reigns. Reigns took a jibe at Bayley in his comment and The Role Model wasn’t happy about it.

“That’s it…He’s done for!!!!!!!!!!!!! And now I’m #TeamCena”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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