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Rumor killer on Undertaker’s SummerSlam match

Undertaker is set to compete in a tag team match at the upcoming Extreme Rules PPV and a lot of people are wondering if the Dead Man will also be working the upcoming SummerSlam PPV.

There have also been unconfirmed rumors of Taker facing Drew McIntyre at the upcoming show and the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter provides some update on the situation.

Per Observer, the rumor of this bout, which started due to the local advertisement of the same is not correct and currently, there are no plans for Taker to face the former NXT Champion at the show.

Though this doesn’t mean that Taker will not be present at the show at all and according to reports he is expected to work the upcoming SummerSlam PPV.

Which star would you like to see face the Undertaker if the Dead Man does work the upcoming SummerSlam PPV? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    Doesn’t matter who we want, it will be Baron Corbin.

  • CC

    So we are saying that the rumoured match is just that, but still seem to believe the rumours that he will have some sort of match are true? Why is it so easy to dismiss the McIntyre rumour, especially considering people were saying Taker cherry picked him, yet still cling to the other unsubstantiated rumour that Taker will defo be in a match regardless?

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch

    I can think of no better opponent for The Undertaker other than Nia Jax

  • Moe

    Lesnar Taker IV – First entrails match!

  • Soulshroude

    … … No one person is worthy of the “Taker”. Triple Threat Match. Sting, vs Taker vs Reigns.

    Sorry for pit farting on a snare drum.