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Rumour killer on Superstar Shakeup

WWE Superstar Shakeup

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Kevin Owens going back to Raw is a must. He fighting for the United States title but he really should be in the main title hunt. He still have a future WWE Unverlasial Champion match to cash in.

  • CC

    James McKenna “confirmed” it is false. Not being funny, but how can he “confirm” it?
    I am sure other dirt sheet writers could “confirm” it is happening.
    His sources say one thing, and maybe other dirt sheeters sources say otherwise.
    Unless it comes direct from Vinnie Mac, it is not confirmed either way.

  • oppa

    It’s been reported for months now. Plus knowing how shaky decisions are in WWE, it won’t be a shock if it really does happen. They’ve already teased KO taking the US Title to Raw last night whenever he gets it back.