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Ryback says his worst match was against Jinder Mahal

  • jedi

    So you were there longer he was new & you did not know what to do without someone guiding you? Real talent

  • Why does anyone care what this “never was” has to say?

  • Chad Boswell

    Well back then they probably both sucked but I can guess Ryback sucked more.

  • CC

    If someone says “Ryback injured me” or “I had my worst match with Ryback”, he goes off on one calling them liars and gets all pissy. But he is quite happy to do it to everyone else.

    Sad, pathetic man still sore that he didn’t get over with the fans and is a poor wrestler.

  • Solid

    There’s a spelling mistake in the title, the correct spelling is “Ryback salty Jinder is WWE champ and he never was”

  • Omar

    Wow, he is so green with jealousy that he could try out for the next Hulk movie.