Sami Zayn Tragic Announcement Revealed To Fans

Sami Zayn has tweeted after missing WWE SmackDown, alluding to a family tragedy, “We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return (Often said in times of great loss or death).” Zayn missed SmackDown for ‘personal reasons.’



Charlotte Flair has also been absent from SmackDown. She has been out of action since her ‘I Quit’ match at WrestleMania Backlash. WWE informed the fans that she suffered a radius fracture due to Rousey’s armbar. While Flair has been active on Social Media, she didn’t have the time this week to appear at a scheduled signing.

This signing was organized by WWE’s official partner, Fiterman Sports. The experience of meeting their favorite superstar would have done the rounds on everyone’s mind, but it looks like Flair had something urgent come up and she missed the time.

She was quick enough to issue a public apology to her fans and those that would have been there at the event. Charlotte is an excellent performer, and this gesture proves that she is an excellent human being as well. Her work has been exceptional between the ropes, but this work helps her setup her babyface persona between the fans.

Hey guys! I was so excited to see everyone this weekend at the @bigeventny with @FitermanSports, but I am not able to make the signing. I promise I’ll see you soon. I miss all of you; ps you can go say hi to my hubby.

Now, we don’t know and neither does anyone know if she will return as a babyface or as a heel, but one thing is certain and that’s the fact that she will do her best in her ability to entertain the WWE Universe. Fans would have to wait and see when she returns and in which capacity. No one knows if she will reignite her old feud or start a new rivalry.

What do you think of her possible return? Sound off in the comments.

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