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Scott Dawson says Midnight Express should be in Hall of Fame

Scott Dawson of The Revival has said that he wants the Midnight Express to be inducted in the Hall of Fame.

The current WWE Raw Tag Team Champion was asked by The Mirror to name a tag team that he thinks should be in WWE’s HOF.

The 34-year-old stated that the Midnight Express deserves to be in the Hall of Fame because they drew a lot of money as a tag team and had a lot of great matches.

“They drew so much… I think people forget that sometimes because, [looking back at] the territory days, so much gets lost,” Dawson said. “Not only did they have great matches, and not only did Jim Cornette provide so many of the great interviews of all time, but they drew so much money.”

Dawson continued and said that The Revival is striving to be like them and make tag team wrestling a part of the main event. “They are the blueprint and layout of tag team wrestling and what tag team wrestling can be as far as drawing money and being a huge act that can get over. That’s what Dash and I are trying to do… to prove that tag team wrestling isn’t just a filler on the card.”

The Midnight Express had a number of changing members, managed by Jim Cornette. The first incarnation of the group came about with Dennis Condrey, Randy Rose and Norvell Austin in the early 80s.
The team was famed for their time in AWA, JCP, and WCW, and saw Condrey team up with Eaton and eventually Eaton with Stan Lane in the late 80s. The WWF had also combined Bob Holly & Bart Gunn and dubbed them “The New Midnight Express.”

  • David Keller

    The big unknown here is which version would the WWE induct? My pick is Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey.

  • D_Ohm

    “Goddamn midnight express greatest tag team ever”

  • BiggEZ

    Man’s got a point. I remember back in the day when tag teams were the headliners. The Midnight Express, The Rock & Roll Express, The Road Warriors, The Fabulous Freebirds, The Von Erichs,The Horseman. Man, they all could main event a show with no problem.