SmackDown audience rises for fourth straight week

We noted before how this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw did good numbers and the SmackDown episode only followed its momentum with a rise in viewership.



This week’s episode of SmackDown saw an increase in viewership for the fourth straight week and the show featuring Carmella vs. Charlotte in the main event drew 2.401 million viewers.

This was up 2.6% from last week’s episode of the show featuring the Daniel Bryan-Miz segment for the main event which had drawn 2.340 million viewers.

The show was #1 in the 18-49 demographic as well, though it ranked #5 in the cable viewership unlike Raw which had ranked #1. This was the best number of SmackDown since its May 1st episode.

With SummerSlam approaching, we can only expect these numbers to grow in the next two weeks and the real test for WWE would be to keep these numbers up after the PPV.

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