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Spoiler: Former Impact Champion scheduled to make WWE debut next week

Rockstar spud WWE

According to Pwinsider, former TNA X Division Champion and former Impact Wrestling star Rockstar Spud is expected to make his debut on WWE Programming next week.

Spud had been working for the company now known as Impact Wrestling since 2012 but he requested for his release in September earlier this year.

One month later in October, it was reported that he has signed a deal with WWE and is waiting for some Visa issues to be resolved before starting to work for the company.

Spud is a former multiple times X Division Champion. He has also worked for WWE’s former Development Territory OVW for some time where he had won the OVW TV Championship once.

Rockstar Spud is expected to work on both 205 Live and Raw but currently, it’s not known if he’ll make his WWE debut at Raw or if his first appearance will be at the Cruiserweight Exclusive Show.

  • CC

    He spent less than a year in OVW, which hardly classes as “for some time”.
    And the reason he was there was because he was signed to TNA and OVW was their development territory after WWE severed ties with them.

  • rob

    yep just clickbait, can´t just put a picture of the person by itself, i´ts so obvious by now that just is ridiculous

  • Arnold Jackson

    It’s funny Anutosh Bajpai does the click bait so often now, whenever he does a story like this with a picture, I just guess it’s always about the wrestler you least want to see on TV every week in the picture. Every time I’ve been right. #FireAnutoshBajpai