Stephanie McMahon ‘Needs To Fire’ Raw Star?

John Cena Sr.never backs off from giving his opinion on the happenings in wrestling world. Now, he has been critical of a WWE star and reckoned that Stephanie McMahon should fire him.



Stephanie McMahon to fire Elias?

While speaking about the recent releases of stars amid COVID-19 pandemic, he spoke about Elias and questioned why he is still with WWE.

Elias has worked alongside former Forgotten Sons member Jaxson Ryker on WWE RAW recently. Another former member of The Forgotten Sons, Wesley Blake was also released.

John Cena’s father spoke with Boston Wrestling MWF’s Dan Mirade and opined that Elias is another star who should leave. He then said that Elias’ gimmick is the poor imitation of WWE Hall of Famer Honky Tonk Man.

John Cena Sr. said:

“I think that guy should be gone.I hate to say it, I don’t wish anybody ill will, but there’s a young man… You know what, he’s a poor imitation of The Honky Tonk Man. It is, it is [an insult to poor imitations of The Honky Tonk Man], but you know what… it is what it is.”

John Cena Sr. also lambasted him for bashing his opponents with his guitar and not having good matches. He then speculated that Elias and Ryker would be handed their release by mid 2022. Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan ‘Ruined’ On Smackdown?

He said:

“It ain’t working, son, that’s all I can say. Really and truly, I’m not arguing with you, but I just say to you, now we’ve got this team, we’re gonna have a tag team duo, what are they going to do? Repackage it? Bring it out with a new name, new product? I guarantee you this, and I can’t really say the word guarantee, but I bet you by the end of next year or middle of next year, both those guys aren’t gonna be around no more.”

We have to see what future holds for both the stars.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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