Sting ‘Removed’ From AEW Dynamite

Sting did not appear on AEW Dynamite in any form quite possibly for the first time since his December 2020 debut. Sting was called out by Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page in a promo, but when they beat up Darby Allin and threw him down stairs, Sting was nowhere to be found. It’s unclear why Sting did not show up and was not written into the show. AEW Dynamite ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’ Leaks.



Dustin Rhodes is sick and tired. Dustin has had his fair share of demons in the past, but it never stopped him from moving forward with or without any help. Rhodes not only had to go through the loss of his father, Dusty Rhodes, which pained him horribly, but Rhodes also had personal demons throughout his life that he had to fend off. One thing is very clear, Dustin is mad at money being made off of those demons…Jon Moxley Fans ‘Demand Refund’ At AEW Dynamite.

In a now deleted comment thread on Twitter, Dustin Rhodes responded to a fan who had stated that it was very odd that Chris Jericho was narrating Dark Side Of The Ring. The comment was quoted as such: “Jericho narrates Dark Side Of The Ring….awkward.”

While it’s unclear if Dustin Rhodes has any heat specifically with Jericho (he clarified later he doesn’t at all), he does state that making money off of people’s shortcomings makes him very sick. It should be noted that Rhodes praised Jericho just days ago for his promo work.

Rhodes is quoted saying: “I don’t like people dredging up horrific stuff about people for money. Show makes me sick. Very hard to watch. I’ve been through hell and everybody knows my story. Making money off of disparity sucks.”

No new episodes of Dark Side Of The Ring have aired just yet, but the hype is heating up as we await the premier of ‘Brian Pillman Part One’ which will be featured on May 6th. There is no word from Chris Jericho on this situation as of writing this article.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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