The Miz credits John Cena for teaching him how to be a main eventer

From being a rookie fighting for respect in the locker to becoming one of the top stars of the company, the Miz has traveled a long way into WWE.



During a recent interview with Hot 94.1, the former WWE Champion talked about his career in the company and when asked which star he has learned the most from, he took the name of John Cena:

“John Cena, being in the ring with John Cena taught me how to become a main event caliber superstar.”

 The former Champion was also asked about coming up with the logo for himself which is essentially the upside-down version of the WWE logo, Miz revealed that it came from trying to find new ways to be disrespectful:

 “I was trying to find a new way to be disrespectful because I was a bad guy at the time. What’s more disrespectful than messing up the beloved trademark of WWE? The way I looked at it was, WWE is all about the Miz and I was making that show the must-see show in WWE. And still am to this day. That’s where it all came from.”

The Miz faced Baron Corbin in the first round match of the King Of The Ring tournament on this week’s Raw but he wasn’t able to defeat the lone wolf in the competition.

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