The Rock Breaks WWE Rule After Chris Benoit…

On this week’s Raw, the rivalry between Cody Rhodes and Rock took an incredible turn. At the beginning of the show, The American Nightmare declared that he wanted the WWE Universe to be there for him as he entered one of the greatest WrestleMania ever, with two major matches lined up for him.



But in an unexpected turn of events, The Rock showed up, spoke to Rhodes without using a microphone, and then departed. Later in the evening, Rhodes got into a fight with Jimmy Uso after Solo Sikoa attempted to intervene. Even after Rhodes defeated Jimmy and Solo, The Rock used one of the most vicious attacks on Rhodes. The blow was so intense that Rhodes’s forehead exploded.

WWE uploaded the whole attack on YouTube. However, some of the parts from the segment were edited out. Though the bleeding part was expected to be censored, WWE did something different. WWE freeze-framed the shots where the Rock was throwing trash cans on Rhodes’ head. This is due to the fact that WWE banned chair shots and headshots with weapons years ago a few years after the Chris Benoit murder suicide. However, with The Rock on the board, it seems like they are breaking some rules to amplify their feud heading into WrestleMania.


Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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