The Rock ‘Furious’ With WWE Raw Diva Promos

Jim Ross revealed that The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin were very upset with Debra being heavily involved in their promos and segments, hurting the early part of the build to their classic WrestleMania 17 match. Drew McIntyre just reacted to The Rock ‘losing’ WWE fans.



JR said on his Grilling JR podcast on, “I think they both, I think Rock and Austin were both uncomfortable with it. It just seemed like, ‘Why are we doing this?’ You know, Debra always made the picture better because of her beauty, and she was a gorgeous Alabamian. But her services in that role were not needed.”

JR added, “I think Rock and Austin just wanted to keep it serious and transact their business because neither of them was overly sure of how this thing was going to be received.”

“The Debra thing was, it may have just been a deal where Vince may have wanted to get her on the show. I don’t know. But it just was ill-timed and not knocking anything about Debra, but if it had been a valet who had a lot of wrestling experience, that was a bump-taker like Lita or Trish, that type of thing, then okay, I get it. But the two guys were not for it, and all they had to do is, Rock had to raise his eyebrows, and Austin had to look down at his shoes, and Vince knew, well, we ain’t doing that.”

The Rock’s latest ‘Young Rock’ episode featured actors playing Randy Savage and Andre the Giant as young Rock bonded with his mother after attacking a teen at school for calling wrestling fake.

The Rock wrote on Instagram, “Maaaan my mom has been thru it all…divorce, cancer, hit head on by a drunk driver, and even a suicide attempt back when I was 15.

She survived it ALL and ironically, though not surprisingly – my mom is THE kindest, most caring and JOYFUL human being I have ever met.

And still brings her ukulele everywhere we go 😊🤣🤦🏽‍♂️🎶.” Sportskeeda transcribed the JR quote.

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Michael Joseph
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