The Rock Reacts To MVP ‘Racial’ WWE Claim

The Rock has responded to a racial discussion that started after a photo of himself, Bobby Lashley, and Kofi Kingston with the WWE title was uploaded. MVP then had a back and forth with a fan.



Abdulmalik tweeted, “It’s possible. @FightBobby @TrueKofi @TheRock.” Botchwiser responded, “Everything doesn’t always have to be a race thing. That’s kind of what we’re trying to steer away from and you’re doing the opposite.”

MVP said, “No. He’s not. That is a beautiful statement about representation and inspiration. It means something when your heros look like you.” The Rock chimed in, “Well said, brother. You guys are doing GREAT. Very happy for all of you. Very proud, too. Representing.”

Lashley credited MVP for a lot of his success in a new Fox Sports interview.

“[MVP] was a big driving force,” said Bobby. “It was good to have somebody that’s right by your side. Because I always say there’s that little voice in your head that’s saying, ‘Go, go, go’ … but there’s also that little voice in your head that says, ‘You can’t do it.’ We all have it.”

“MVP’s voice was louder than that voice. MVP was like, ‘Don’t listen to him. You should be the champion! If you don’t believe that you should be the champion, then I can go somewhere else and find somebody else, but I’m telling you it is your time!’ He’s been just harping on me,” he added. “Sometimes you need that person! And MVP is that guy for me. He’s a friend.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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