The Rock WWE Hall of Fame Spoiler Leaks?

Will The Rock induct John Cena when he eventually gets inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame? During a recent edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s UnSKripted hosted by Dr. Chris Featherstone, John Cena Sr. recently suggested that either WWE Chairman Vince McMahon or ‘The People’s Champ’ The Rock would make fabulous choices to induct the iconic John Cena. Credit to SportsKeeda for the following quote. The Rock and this legendary WWE star want a stunning WWE return.



“Maybe it’s gonna be soon, maybe it’s gonna be later. When he gets inducted into the Hall of Fame who should induct him and why? I would probably think it might be Vince McMahon. That would be a good choice. The Rock might be another good choice. Or (points at himself) J-Fab.”

In other news revolving around The Rock, during a recent edition of Grilling JR, Jim ‘JR’ Ross recently told Conrad Thompson why Debra McMichael was quickly dropped as The Rock’s valet back in 2001. Credit to for the below.

“I think Rock and Austin were both uncomfortable with it. It just seemed like, ‘Why are we doing this?’ Debra always made a picture better because of her beauty. She’s a gorgeous Alabamian. But, her services in that role were not needed. I think Rock and Austin just wanted to keep it serious and transact their business because neither of them were overly sure how this was going to be received. I had my ideas. You got the homegrown Texas product wrestling in his home market. Just down the road he grew up in Edna, advertised from Victoria. He watched Houston Paul Boesch television his entire life. We had told that story. It was like a homecoming for the challenger, so who do you think they’re going to cheer? It wasn’t they were angry at Rock. You have a Texas legend here that’s coming back and just drew the biggest event in Astrodome history over any event and we’re going to turn him heel.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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